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Changing Patterns - EQ - Self Discovery

What are emotions? Why do we have them? Do they serve a purpose?

How do we properly process and understand emotions? How do we release what is already 'pent up' inside of us?

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These are questions that you may never have been taught the answers to ... until now. Allow us to help you build your own EQ by learning skill sets to manage your emotional health! At Fork in the Road, we supply YOU with TOOLS to change your emotional state easily and quickly for better relationships, better health, and a better life! It is easier and more comfortable than you think to 'let go' of emotional distress!

We have helped many people release stuck emotions, including ...

We have helped many people release stuck emotions, including ...






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We have helped clients deal with many emotional issues, including ...

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Emotional Eating

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Repeating unwanted patterns

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Lack of fulfillment

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Relationship Issues

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Anxiety / Stress / Control

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Many more issues...

Want to change an Unwanted Pattern?

We may find ourselves repeating an unwanted pattern in relationships, either personally or professionally.

We help clients to deal with the overwhelm of life. At times, we need the help of someone with a different perspective. Please know that for all things that we have done, and likewise for all things that have been done to us, there are methods for moving onward!

Do you still feel at times like you did as a child? Do you feel powerless at the demands of others? Learn to detect these patterns that you may have developed as knee-jerk reactions to situations. These 'coping' patterns were once necessary, but now may be limiting our life and relationships. The goal is to identify the patterns so that you can become conscious of them and choose differently. We highlight the path to taking back your own power from dis-empowering beliefs and patterns.

We address both the conscious and sub-conscious mind. The sub-conscious is where many of our patterns and beliefs are held. What if you could discern the root of those beliefs and choose differently? What patterns would you like to see changed in your life? Imagine communicating with the subconscious to re-program your reactions. This IS possible!

Gaining Clarity Regarding Belief Systems

Do you find yourself questioning everything? Are you not sure of what you believe any longer? Are you confused about what 'truth' is?  Are you experiencing change?

Many of my clients are 'thinkers' whose thoughts recirculate but answers are never found.

We are all told that we "have the answers within", yet we are not told how to access that information! At Fork in the Road, we teach you methods of determining what is right for YOU, based upon your own internal guidance system. Learning this skillset is very empowering. Everyone intuitively knows what they believe, if only they can get past the other voices crowding them out!  Together, we work through this process, easily and clearly.

The purpose of this is NOT to change what you believe, but rather, to discover what you truly believe and choose what you wish to believe moving forward. This type of discovery is appropriate for everyone, but especially beneficial for those who have experienced past trauma in religion through abuse of power or cultism.

We all encounter a time when we might:

1) Feel that something inside is waking up/changing.

(2) Feel lost and fearful about who we are and what we believe.

(3) Feel the need to devote ourselves to something bigger, if only we knew what that was!

(4) Yearn for more meaning and fulfillment.

Gaining Clarity Regarding Belief Systems

Gaining Clarity Regarding Belief Systems

This is a time of great growth, dependent on one or more factors. We can help you to determine where you stand and support you as you go through your journey to clarity!

Our Self Discovery Sessions are a specific & unique approach that works together with the subconscious and superconscious mind. The purpose is to give you a sense of where you are on your journey of personal growth and why. Glean insights into why you have made the choices you have, what your skills and talents might be, gain direction regarding work, healing and relationships. Learn more about purpose, challenge, and yourself!