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Frequently Asked Questions

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Oct 10

What are your Qualifications? 

For a detailed outline of  information regarding our qualifications, please refer to our "About" section. There you will find listed our certifications and memberships along with the schools of learning that we have attended. You might also note the disclaimer section on the 'About" page which clearly outlines that there are a number of designations and professions that are outside of our scope of business practice.


Oct 10

Are your services covered by private insurance?

Fork in the Road is a member in good standing with the "Alliance Professional of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists". We are therefore covered under "Naturotherapy" or "Naturopathy" to the extent that your personal insurance dictates.  Please note that we are not a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) we hold a naturopathy diploma (nd). If you are interested in seeing an ND, we are happy to refer you to our esteemed & qualified colleagues.

Please examine your personal insurance policy to discover if you are covered, for how much, and the time frame you have to use this benefit. The APNN organization is recognized by insurance companies in many provinces across Canada.

Most Insurance plans will cover services but not products. Monies are granted to the policy holder only after proof of session completion. Invoices for insurance companies must be submitted in person and not via email. Funds are paid at time of session to Fork in the Road and then reimbursed by your insurance provider at a later date.


Oct 10

What are your Rates and Policies? 

2020  RATES -

Our 2020 Rates will soon be posted.

Rates may vary by clinic.

Do you feel that you are in need of help but cannot afford our services?

Please reach out to us to determine how we might create a fair exchange of energy.


All payments made, full or partial, are non-refundable, cancellation of sessions not excluded. Session time is reserved and other clients may be waiting for an opening. Fork in the Road requires a FULL 24 hour notice to change or cancel appointment times and we would greatly appreciate a 48 hour notice. When notification of cancellation is not received within the FULL 24 hour time frame, there is a charge of $75.00 to the client. ‘No show clients' are charged the full session fee. Payment is due at the time of the missed appointment. Exceptions can be made in emergency situations. We are unable to issue Naturotherapy invoices for missed appointments. In scheduling an appointment, lt is agreed that the client will comply with and respect these policies deemed appropriate by Fork in the Road. Payment is due at the time of session and will be charged to the payment method on file/expected within 24 hours of session date.

* Rates are subject to change without notice.

* Medik policies will apply at the Medik Clinic.


Oct 10

How long is a Session?

We believe in giving the client both a space to express what they need to, and a space to receive helpful information. This is why our sessions are longer than most traditional professional 'talk' sessions.

Our session rates are based on a time frame of UP TO 1.25 hours. While the rate is for 1 hour of time, there is a grace period of an additional 15 minutes given freely per session. This allows the client to not feel rushed, but to give and receive what is needed per session.

If more time than this is needed, additional fees may apply. Additional time is sometimes available at a rate of $45.00 per additional 30 Minutes for regular sessions and $55.00 for couples Sessions. Charges may automatically begin at the 1.5 hour mark into session.

*(Some exceptions may apply regarding various modalities)


Oct 10

Do you work with Minors?

We will work with the parent of a minor or a mature minor, with parental consent. We can assist in dealing with learning difficulties, nutrition/physical imbalances, communication skills and more. The knowledge is often imparted to the parent to apply with a minor, in accordance with other medical professionals. In the province of NB, those under the age of 19 years are considered minors. There are select situations where we will work directly with a minor, if a parent has appropriate involvement and gives signed permission.


Oct 10

I am limited as to travel. What are my options?

Sessions are available via the telephone or skype.


Oct 10

Are Distance Sessions as Effective?

We have a number of clients that we have worked with from around the globe, who have all felt that distance sessions* have been greatly beneficial for them. Fork in the Road has worked internationally with people through telephone or computer communications. Distance clients have experienced shifts in both their emotional state & thought processes, just the same as they would in office.* Many also comment that they enjoy these sessions as it is a comfortable experience, never having to leave the safety and comfort of their homes. Some clients might feel more open to communication, being on their own 'turf'. This also requires no effort to 'get to' an appointment, with the time of travel and expense of travel being spared. This is a particularly popular option during the winter months.

*Please note, distance sessions will only apply to select therapies.


Oct 10

What about Confidentiality?

Confidentiality is a priority for us. Possible exemptions might include (but are not limited to) situations where a client becomes a threat to himself or others; and circumstances of legal obligation to divulge pertinent information.