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                               Posted on December, 2019

Not everyone has the Norman Rockwell Christmas...

As we dive into the holidays ... We find ourselves taking stock and counting our blessings ...

The holidays are here and everyone is of good cheer ... well, perhaps not everyone. In fact, the joyous of heart may not be the majority. It is for those struggling with the holidays this year that this reminder is posted.

We will soon start seeing fb visions of peaceful families and happy couples enjoying each other's company. Sometimes, it truly is a 'wonderful life', and that is indeed something to be grateful for!

It is said that our general happiness as a society, however, has decreased since social media has become popular. This is partly because those who do not have the good that others are posting about can feel left out or 'lesser than'.

The Norman Rockwell Christmas that everyone desires is not everyone's reality, in fact, it is the blessed reality of only a few. The fb posts that will soon flood our 'feed' may lead us to believe otherwise, but even in the back drop of a seemingly 'perfect' post there may be a lot left ''unsaid'.

This is not to say that such a post is deceitful, it is simply extolling the best of what our experience is. We tend to post what we wish for others to see. This can be looked at as a way of putting our 'best foot forward' and remaining positive. There is nothing wrong in this.

For those who are downtrodden this holiday, it may be helpful to remember... The reality of others may not be that perfect, and our own reality may not be that lacking. We are all in this together ... having an imperfect but worthwhile human experience!

May we all make the most of what is on our own table and in our own lives. Let us be especially compassionate to those facing losses at this time. May we also remember to include and bless those who are less fortunate this year than ourselves!

If you need extra support during this holiday season, please feel free to message me.

Happy Holidays One and All.

Dr. Hollie

                               Posted on November, 2019

Boundaries are not 'optional' in a healthy relationship...

                               Posted on October, 2019

Instant Change -

Change can happen to us in an instant ...

It can begin today ... and we will be changed from then on.

It is all about what we think and what we decide!


     Posted on September, 2019

Processing through emotions -

Feel it and breathe through it ...

If you are a client of mine, you will recognize these as the first 2 steps in the processing of emotions you may have learned.

                               Posted on August, 2019

Do you know what 'Gentle Strength' Looks like?

It looks like Charles Ingalls.

Charles Ingalls was a real man, brilliantly portrayed by  Micheal Landon on the TV show "Little House on the Prairie".

On the 1980s TV show, Charles demonstrated time and again what it looks like to be firm yet kind. He was a wonderful example of how to set boundaries.

Why should we care about understanding what 'gentle strength' is ?

In order to set proper bondaries, we need to learn what that looks like.

Often in our society, we will see those with a strong, dominating hand who enforces boundaries by stomping on others. We also see others whose boundaries are  so weak, that they are the ones trampled  on. We don't want to be either of those people!

We want to show due respect and also be respected.  We want to be firm, but kind. Gentle, yet strong ... like Charles. Want help getting there?

Allow us to show you the way!

                               Posted on July, 2019

"We don't get stepped on if we are not already lying down." - Dr. Robin Norwood.

Learning about setting and maintaining healthy boundaries is a part of life. We may never have been taught how to do this.

This new knowledge can enhance both our personal and professional lives!

Perhaps it is time for a change in boundary setting?

                               Posted on June, 2019

When we see hurt as the price that gives us something valuable, we stop being a victim to the pain.

We don't need hurt in order to learn a lesson.

There are usually 'red flags' and gentler messages all along that we could have chosen to learn from. Sometimes however, it takes a deep hurt to force us to see things as they are and move forward.

Once we have learned a lesson through hurt, we do not need that lesson again in our lives, if we have learned it well.

Instead of becoming bitter, allow yourself to become better, through a deeper understanding of yourself and what you now want.

                               Posted on May, 2019

The lessons involved in painful relationships often lead us to greater understandings.

Once we get the lessons, we do not need to repeat these types of relationships.

Certified Brain Health Coach

                               Posted on April, 2019

After years of study, we are happy to announce that Fork in the Road is now fully associated with the Amen Clinics as an approved Practitioner/Certified  Brain Health Coach.

Are you curious about the Amen Clinic Methods?

Watch Dr. Daniel Amen explain his discoveries using SPECT Imaging ...

Emotions and You ...

                               Posted on March, 2019

What do we do with over-whelming emotions? We process them!

We seek to understand the message underneath of our emotions and allow them to move through us... doing this allows us to have more positive reactions and insights.

This is a skill-set to be learned. If you don't know how to do this already, it is because no one taught you how to do it! This is not your fault. When we know better, we do better.

Perhaps now is a good time to learn this skill?

Loving yourself as you would another ...

           Posted on February, 2019

I will often see someone in a difficult situation who is floundering and looking for caring advice. The advice they often give to themselves, however, is based on 'shoulds' and judgements. They would never hold another in the same space of rigid judgement as they hold themselves. When considering what to do in a situation, why not allow yourself to accept the compassionate advice that you would offer another in the same situation? You will usually be glad you did.

Learning from Music ... Happy People

       Posted on January, 2019

The ‘Happy people’ song – is about knowing yourself and your own truth. ‘happy people don’t steal, etc….” they have their values in-tact, they know who they are and what they believe in. They are authentic in themselves. They are not attached to the outcome as “happy people don’t fail… they just learn.” So they don’t personalize things in life that happen. Life Is not happening “to” happy people, it is just happening, and they are going with the flow and just showing up … as themselves. They are not pretending or wearing masks. They are taking pleasure in the small things in life. You were around many people with masks and were forced to wear some yourself to survive in a less-than-authentic environment. You became starved for authenticity.

You are seeing genuine people being authentic. People who have come to peace with themselves and their surroundings. There is kindness and truth in the eyes of these folks. While you can guess that all of these adults would have gone through hard times, none of them look bitter, blaming or victimized by the past. They can still laugh .. and most importantly, laugh at themselves. They are experiencing real emotions. These are not fake smiles and laughs. No one is overthinking in these videos either. They are not limiting themselves by beliefs that they are not good enough to show up for this video. They are present in the moment and embracing it!

There are a lot of children present... Children do all of this naturally …. Having children around helps adults re-engage with that part of themselves and become more playful and free.

The themes here: Being authentic. Free. Present in the moment. Empowered. Easy-going. Not attached to the outcome or taking things personally. Playing. Being in the energy of love, not fear. They are vulnerable enough to be sharing what is inside them and letting their inner child come out and play.

We can all integrate the above into our own lives right now by thinking & feeling in a different way, working with the inner child and discovering our own truth. It is my pleasure to help guide people with all of this.

When you have these things intact, then you come to that place of wholeness that you are seeing in this video. It is rare to see it these days, and so when you do, it calls out to you, like an invitation … to come to that same place of wholeness!

I will leave you with the last line of the happy people song … “We all deserve to be happy while we are here.” It is possible. It is our natural state. We all just need a little guidance of how to get back there sometimes. 😊

It's okay to cry ...

Posted December, 2018

In my office, it's okay to cry ...

This song is brilliantly written to convey how we were taught to do the opposite of our natural instincts regarding emotions.

Next thursday, Feb 21 at noon -I will be teaching at MEDIK Clinic how to properly process emotions. Want to join us? Send a pm.

Premium Protein Powder

Posted on 15 October, 2018 at 9:40

Due to popular demand, we are providing everyone with the information to order quality protein powder for themselves, directly from our supplier. Many protein powders contain whey (dairy). Others contain soy. These are not healtful ingredients for many people.

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What is Failure?

Posted on 15 September, 2018 at 9:30 

Failure is simply the first attempts that you make before you succeed ...

The value of Time

Posted on 15 August, 2018 at 9:30 

What meaning do you give to time? What do you hope that you will have or be 'in due time'? Are you walking towards that goal in 'real time'? The only time is now ...

Discipline is Freedom!

Posted on 15 July, 2018 at 9:25

Many feel that discipline and freedom are opposing forces. This could not be farther from the truth!

Self Discipline involves learning how to properly govern oneself. There are countless benefits to being a self-governed person; having a mind of one's own which has been trained to enhance one's quality of life. For those who have mastered this skill, freedom is well within reach!

Margot Kidder's Gift

Posted on 15 June, 2018 at 9:20

It was in the spring of 2008 when I became acquainted with Margot Kidder, at an Orthomolecular Medicine conference in Toronto, Ontario. This spirited, surprisingly 'down to earth' woman was a superhero in advocating alternative medicine!

I would recommend the video "Masks of Madness - science of healing" (where Margot shares her own story) to anyone interested in learning about an alternative route regarding mental health. Margot passed away last month, but the gift of her voice regarding mental health is

You are in Control!

Posted on 10 May, 2018 at 11:50

There is a misconception that what we think and feel is beyond our control. These thoughts and feelings can control people's lives, if they don't realize that they can change this. Not only are they changeable, they are often not even correct to begin with! Our thoughts and feelings may be misinformation.

Thoughts and Emotions have consequences to our lives. It is important to note that not everything we think is right, as thinking is based upon our own perceptions. Equally important to remember, is that not everything we feel should be embraced.

Emotions are messengers, thus they are important to acknowledge and process. However, these may be coming from dis-perceptions. If our thoughts and emotions are leading us on a roller coaster ride, we might need to re-evaluate this way of being. The good news is that It is always our option to choose new beliefs and mindsets!

The quality of your brain ..

Posted on 8 April, 2018 at 1:15

The quality of your brain will dictate the quality of your life! Now is the time to make wise choices for your future health!

Trusted Supplement Companies Have Sold Out ...

Posted on 7 March, 2018 at 11:10

Some of the supplement companies that have been leaders in quality and been instrumental educators have just sold out to Nestle.

The line up of companies/products sold include: Genestra, Seroyal, UNDA, Douglas, Garden of LIfe, Trophic and more ...

Some claim that the quality of said supplements will not decline. This is yet to be seen. However, integrity and trust have already been violated by association. Buyer beware.

This is truly sad news. I personally have had a lot of training with these companies and have seen the brilliant leadership and advancements they had contributed to the natural health field.

Where are you heading?

Posted on 14 January, 2018 at 0:30

As we begin a new year, we tend to think more about the direction in which we are heading. Does this need some altering?

They say the greatest indicator of future results is to consider your past accomplishments.

It is actually the PRESENT moment that creates your future. You decide in this moment what you will be doing a week, a month and a year from now. This model actually extends farther ... into decades .. and it is how we create a lifetime.

The wonderful thing is that we can decide at any moment to create something entirely different!

What choice could you make TODAY that would put you closer to where you actually want to be tomorrow.. or the next day... or next year?

Is Happiness a Destination?

Posted on 14 December, 2017 at 0:15 

Many people look at happiness as a destination on the path ... that they will one day "get to" one day.

I would propose that more accurately, happiness is a bi-product of being on the right path, with the right company - and it is not the finale of the journey ahead.

How sad it would be to reach the 'end of the road' and discover that our pre-ordered parcel of happiness had not arrived!

The moments we have along our journey have withint them a mixture of many emotional states. We will experience a full range of emotions in life, happiness just one of them.

The amount of happiness we experience will be dependant on the thoughts, attitudes and actions that we choose to keep company with along this journey.

Circumstances in life will cause us to feel pain and sadness at times. This is inevitable. Not everyday will be filled with happiness. However, we can recover from these events and choose once again to invite more happiness in.

We are wise to consider, as we look to begin yet another year - what thoughts and additues are we inviting with us along our journey this year? Who will be keeping us company? What will our actions be? ..... Will all of these bring us more happiness?